Friday, December 22, 2023

2023 Year in Review!

2023 is coming to a close, so its time for a year in review.  It's been a busy time for this blogger, who visited 48 graves across eleven states.  

This year, I paid my respects to actors, politicians, historical figures, and even an animal or two.  While I'm not going to show them all here, I do want to share some of the more notables, which you'll see below. 

Some of these graves have already been profiled here at Six Feet Under Hollywood, others will come with time.  Regardless, please enjoy the highlights of the past year.

Muhammad Ali
Cave Hill Cemetery
Louisville, Kentucky

Willard Scott
Leeds Cemetery
Markham, Virginia

Trigger and Bullet the Wonder Dog
John Wayne Museum Gift Shop
Fort Worth, Texas

Texas Space Alien
Aurora Cemetery
Aurora, Texas

President Abraham Lincoln
Oak Ridge Cemetery
Springfield, Illinois

Not pictured: Alan Freed, Alexander Haig, Ben Bradlee, Bernard Henry Kroger, Caspar Weinberger, Charley Pride, Daniel Patrick Moynihan, David Frisch, Ed Koch, Eliot Ness, Frank Perdue, Frank Woolworth, Fred Baur, Gene Lyons, Glenn Brenner, Harvey Pekar, Howard K. Smith, Irving R. Levine, Jack Kent Cooke, Jack Thayer, James Gamble, John D. Rockefeller, John Jacob Astor, John James Audubon, John Marley, Katharine Graham, Madeline Albright, Martin Balsam, Mary Todd Lincoln, Medgar Evers, Michael Hootkins, Morgan Woodward, Nancy Kulp, Nick Berg, Peter Mayhew, Robert Mitchum, Scott Hall, Tallulah Bankhead, Tom Landry, Tom Wolfe, Trini Lopez, Walter Matt Jefferies, William Procter.

Happy new year!   

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